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when ur entire blog is dark souls


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fuck ur dreams kid


fuck ur dreams kid

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Got my first tattoo motherfuckers ;)


Got my first tattoo motherfuckers ;)

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genuinely sorry for the people who tried to talk to me and were disappointed by how uncool i am

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Aang/Zaheer: Flight and The Thought Chakra

Someone said to me, “Even Aang couldn’t fly like that.” Then I recalled the moment he relinquished his connection to Katara, unlocked the Thought Chakra, and entered the Avatar State under the influence of pure cosmic energy. Aglow with heavenly light, he levitated. We see no evidence of Airbending; he merely floats skyward.

Is this the same flight we see Zaheer attain after having accepted the loss of P’Li, untethered himself from desire, unlocked the Thought Chakra, and entered the void?

As many have theorized, this technique seems to be attainable only when love is lost or otherwise forgone. Aang was prepared to sacrifice his happiness and love for unlimited cosmic power. Shouldn’t it stand that this flow of energy unlocks unaided flight? In the least, it would seem so in here.

Originally I thought this was just some mystic Avatar State nonsense, but if you look there is no Air enshrouding or otherwise lifting Aang into the air. He’s levitating.

This power must be contingent upon the dismissal of worldly desires and successful access to the Thought Chakra and its promise of cosmic energy.

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